One Truth Brothers

Dr.Drax,1983 and Pase,1981 live and work in Zurich, Switzerland.

One Truth is a artistic collective composed of two brothers Pase and Dr.Drax. Active crew members and friends are “Werk” he is always up for a good painting session. “Pixel” is the webmaster and helps a lot with web support.

The brothers have started doing graffiti in 1998 in the underground, and soon discovered exceptional talent and passion for graffiti, street art and urban art. Moving quickly from various small projects, they co-founded the artist collective One Truth in 2003 with Dosey, Ster, Senor, Werk, Reason, Pixel, Stock, Spoom. Since 2010 One Truth representing the two brothers Pase and Dr.Drax.

One Truth Projects

Pase the older one, goes one night out with Dr.Drax and show him how to use a spray can.
They starting early with graffiti, they have built their experience up all by themselves. Dr.Drax has started very early to paint on canvas, while Pase has learned from him. They Looking back over the last years One Truth has given a new face to Zurich city by their creative output with their own style. With a background in graffiti street art, today the brothers live from their art and realize projects for global companies, celebrities, renowned galleries and travel around the globe. One Truth is collected by collectors worldwide and are on auctions with Banksy, Keith Haring, Obey, Jonone, Seen, Cope2, Futura 2000, Taki183, Quik, Crash, Zevs, Blek le Rat, Invader, Nägeli, Vhils etc..

They have designed building facades, created interior designs, exhibited, won national competitions and competed on an international level. One Truth has carried out live paintings and art on building for blue-chip companies such as UBS, FIFA, Google, Volvo Cars, Miller Beer, Red Bull, Reebok, Zurich Insurance, BMW Mini and numerous national companies such as Swisscom, Tonimolkerei, Zweifel, and Streuplan, among others. National public characters like Aeschbacher, Baschi, Gökhan Inler etc..are fans of the artists and work with them. The brothers was invited from EDA Switzerland for the Olympic Games in London 2012 and Expo Milano Swiss Pavilion 2015. One Truth has organized and participated the International Meeting of Styles in Switzerland during last eight years. They have firmly placed their art as an integral part of Zurich’s rich cultural urban canvas. They have worked with legends like Cope2 or Bates.

Philanthropic Work

One Truth’s philanthropic efforts include various workshops for the city of Zurich, schools, youth projects, working with underprivileged youths in Thalwil, as well as the caravan design for the national Amnesty International campaign “Against Domestic Violence”. Their very successful workshops were Sozialtherapie Niederlenz and Viva con Aqua, Ambassador Against Racism Bundesplatz bern etc..

One Truth Studio



  • first trials on spraying and discovery of their passion


  • autodidactic improving of technique


  • One Truth is founded
  • Mural of University building
  • Various free concept works in Switzerland and abroad


  • Mural of „Rüdiger House“
  • Various free concept works in Switzerland and abroad


  • moving in in the first studio
  • Organisation of „Meeting of Styles“ Switzerland 2005-2012
  • Various free concept works in Switzerland and abroad


  • „Red Bull Hike and Ride“ art in architecture
  • Swisscom Board Workshop Fribourg
  • Community of Niederweningen Workshop: one year optional course „Graffiti“


  • „Sido featuring Spezializtz“ videoclip installation
  • BMW Mini: opening of Wetzikon branch live painting
  • Miller Beer „Maag premises“ live painting


  • BMW Mini opening of Volketswil branch live painting
  • One truth own hall of fame at „Tonimolkerei“ Zurich


  • event „Jeder Rappen zählt“ charity fundraising SF1 at Bundesplatz, Berne
  • Ecko zoo York live painting „4 elements jam“ Graz, Austria
  • „City of Baden zeigt Herz“ art project
  • SF1 educational broadcast programme young entrepreneurs one truth
  • « Zurich » insurance workshop « teambuilding »
  • Workshop at the social paedagogical children’s house, Thalwil, Switzerland
  • Various workshops in Glarus, Aarau, Basel, Lucerne etc.


  • Club „Saint Germain“ by Carl Hirschmann Zurich interior space
  • « Swatch Blueballs » festival live painting battle
  • « Paint club winner » Switzerland, participant final stage in Halle / Germany
  • Baghead family : various guerilla art happenings earning great public attention
  • Camel Samsung « Urban Explosion » live painting


  • Kunsthaus Zurich cover picture of urban night
  • „Hiltl“, „Orell Füssli“ art in architecture fasade „Villa Mainau“
  • Google headquarters Zurich art interior space
  • Opel live painting
  • „Meeting of styles“ Wiesbaden Germany
  • Pro Juventute charity organisation 100th anniversary guerilla action
  • „ICS“ Private school workshop project week
  • Lecture „Graffiti“ ZHAW Zürcher Hochschule für Wissenschaft 2011 – 2013
  • BMW Mini live painting at „Pulse 5“
  • „Stroke Munich“ street art fair Live painting
  • « Kunstszene Zürich Zollfreilager » exhibition


  • google Europe headquarters interior room
  • Largest Mural project in Switzerland (240 square meters) at Rötelstrasse Zurich
  • Reports broadcasted on „Tele Zurich“, „Tele Top“, printed in „Blick“,
  • „Tagesanzeiger“, „20min“ daily newspapers
  • Social therapy workshop one truth studio
  • „Grafik 12“ on „Maag“ premises exhibition
  • Mercedes Benz new « S class » live painting
  • Radio Energy one truth
  • Olympic Games 2012 London Swiss Foreign Office live painting
  • « Tagesanzeiger » Zurich front page article one truth
  • City of Zurich « Tausendfüssler Sihlpromenade » art in architecture
  • „Adidas freestyle“ live painting
  • „Switcher“ store Niederdorf, Zurich art interior space
  • Art International Zurich „Kongresshaus“ exhibition
  • BMW Mini car painting „Sneakerness“
  • Dolder Grand Hotel Zurich live painting at enterpreneurs’ ball
  • Dr. Drax‘s tattoo machine


  • Opening of one truth studio and gallery exhibition
  • UBS Bahnhofstrasse Zurich art in architecture fasade
  • City of Zurich therapeutical pedagogy school Mural art in architecture
  • Kurt Aeschbacher (host of talkshow) SF1 art in architecture at bar „Laborbar“
  • Workshop for integration of asylum seeking people in Basel
  • „G-shock Slide and Sound“ in Martigny live painting
  • „Berger Gartenbau“ 60th anniversary art performance
  • „Griesser Storen“ and other various workshops
  • Berlin Mitte „urban art clash“ exhibition
  • Berlin Kreuzberg 20 m artwork


  • „Repoxit“ art in interior space decoration of offices and showroom
  • „ABZ“ Zurich art in architecture at Zurich Altstetten train station (broadcasted on „Tele Zurich“ news)
  • ETH Federal polytechnical university administration workshop One Truth Studio
  • Zurich Höngg school workshop for 50 students
  • various workshops at one truth studio
  • „BIGZH Sihlcity“ live painting
  • Berlin Neuköln boards exhibition „Art+Weise“
  • City of Zurich Service and Maintenance art in architecture
  • City of Thun Anti–Littering art project live painting
  • Pase 1st price popart street art battle with 30 artists
  • Europabrücke open air gallery canvas (3×3×4)
  • one truth Volvo art tour July 14th, 2014 – August 14th, 2014 lörrach, cologne, Hamburg, kopenhagen, malmö, göteburg, berlin.
  • One Truth Bros meets Bates for a collaboration.
  • Bridge gallery Lörrach Germany 21m bridge post art in architecture
  • Rundschau SF1 news magazine
  • Kulturplatz swiss television 1 Schweiz portrait of one truth brothers / artists
  • Gothenburg urban art room exhibition
  • Gökhan Inler‘s home in Switzerland art in architecture
  • Volvo dealer street art workshops Switzerland
  • UBS Bellevue Zürich art in architecture fasade
  • Baschi Backdrop Tour Artwork, artwork privat collection
  • Alice Choo Live painting
  • Google Game Area, Art in space
  • One Truth legendary X-Mas Exhibition part 3
  • Purchase 4 Artworks Art Collection Vertes Modern Bahnhofstrasse 3 Zürich
  • the art collection contains, Picasso, Richter, Banksy, Miro, Warhol etc..


  • New Artworks for Kolly Gallery, International renowned Street Art Gallery
  • Sträuli Mode Boutique Rennweg, Live painting
  • Desperados (Vice) Stadelhofen Zürich, Live Painting
  • Thailand Meeting of Styles, travel and painting
  • Streetart Charity Project, Quai Bridge-Bürkliplatz, Zürich City
  • World Exposition (Expo) Milano Swiss Pavilion, Live painting, exhibition
  • First Streetart Auction Switzerland, Auction House Galartis Lausanne,
    incl. Banksy, Obey, Invader, Kaws, Jonone, Cope2 etc..
  • Buzzartauction Chicago , 2 Artworks Streetart Auction Chicago.
  • Live Paintinig EKR federal commission against rassismus, Bundesplatz Bern
  • Graffiti Workshop “Art Day Horgen”
  • Artwork “Street Whisperer” 150×150cm for Art collection Village Uitikon, Wall Painting, Exhibition
  • One Truth Bros meets Cope2 for a collaboration.
  • Highest Street Art Graffiti Mural from Switzerland, 2 sides a 20 meter
  • Street Art Auction 2, Galartis Lausanne December 2015
  • X- Mas Exhibition 4, One Truth Studio


  • Google Headquarter Europe zurich, art in space
  • Galartis Auction House, street art auction with Keith Haring, Seen, Cope2, Futura 2000, Joneone, Basquiat, Obey etc.. and the One Truth Brothers Dr.Drax and Pase
  • Kolly Gallery Seefeldstr.56 Zurich, group show incl. One Truth Bros, Nychos, Supakitch
  • Ernst Kurat, art in space and art on building
  • Uitikon, art on building
  • Div. Workshops for Brands, Offices, Schools etc…
  • FIFA Museum, Live Painting and Art Collection
  • Urban skillz exhibition, painting, Hamburg
  • Swiss Knife, 25 × 8m Wall with Akte One TLB, Berlin Friedrichshain
  • Schweizer Familie, media article, Switzerland
  • Nederland,Holland Tour, Murals in Heerlen and Rotterdam
  • Urban Art Gallery Stuttgart, group show exhibition
  • Pro Helvetia, Russia-Swiss art Project in Satka, Ekaterinburg
  • Hammer Auction House, 2 Artworks
  • X-Mas Art Show 5, One Truth Studio


  • Media Portrait One Truth, Limmattaler Zeitung, Thuner Tagblatt, Toggenburger Tagblatt
  • The Haus, Street Art Project, 3D Installation, Berlin Mitte Kurfürstendamm.
  • Privat House, Art on Building.
  • „NOW“ Street Art Show over 400 Qm Industry Hall, Hand Painted Art Car.
  • Samsung, VIP Event, Animation Mapping 4 × 12m, Live Painting , Samsung Hall
  • Stadler Rail, Gir Uno presentation, Live painting with Bundesrat Doris Leuthard
  • ABZ, Art in Puplic, Opening for new Project
  • Fun park “Fägnescht” Art in Space, Rorschach
  • Paintings on Canvas on request
  • 3 Artworks, Biggest Street Art Auction, Galartis Auction House, Genevè
  • Rhy Art Fair Basel ( Art Basel Weekend ) Artshow, The Unknown Hand Serie.